Why we care about personalized baseball cards.

Somewhere along the line, we all dreamed of having our face on a baseball card one day. For most kids, that dream never became a reality. Now, we’re entering a new era of our life where certain things mean so much more than those can’t-miss prospects we once coveted.

It’s our kids, our family, our friends, our businesses, our experiences.

When we set out to create RookiesApp, we wanted to transform baseball card nostalgia into a reality. We wanted to give users a tool to efficiently create tangible keepsakes for the things in life that matter most to them now. And we wanted them to look and feel like the real thing that we so dearly craved as adolescents.

We promised ourselves to never sacrifice on quality. We wanted the real thing.

Over the past two years, our team has been creating an iPhone application that allows users to create their own baseball cards. The front and back are fully personalized with custom photos, text and color. Once created, users can share them socially on Facebook and Twitter.

Then, the real fun begins.

Users can purchase a pack of cards that are printed on premium recycled stock and come wrapped in a custom wax pack. There are 20 cards per pack and you can purchase the same card or mix and match from your collection. Then they’re shared as birth announcements, business cards, wedding gifts, birthday presents or conversation pieces. Our team tinkered with every possible inch of this product, all the way down to the gum – which FDA policies restrict these days. Sorry, you’ll need to find stale gum somewhere else.

We’re quite pleased with what we’ve created and we hope you enjoy it just as much. Baseball cards defined a generation; one that was built on authenticity, intrigue and friendship. They were tiny pieces of cardboard that seemed so tangibly insignificant, but we remember everything about them – their feel, their smell and their importance. Today, they’re tucked away in corners of musty basements.

It’s time we breathe new life into the baseball cards that once shaped our adolescence. It’s time to bring their purity and simplicity into a new era of our lives.

Our Team

Matt Sebek (Founder)

Ben Grove (Designer)

Joseph Hainline (COO)

Micah Hainline (CTO)

John Hainline (Senior developer)